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Vernon, VT  05354


Welcome to our website!

Here is a recent picture from children's story: must have been a male dress code!  I call the photo "Black n Blue Boys"
Hey!  We are Excited to welcome Jim Alner into our church family:  He's our new "baby".

We hope that you will join us for worship on Saturday mornings.


From Our Pastor

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in our church!  The Lord has blessed us with a great group of believers and we hope that you will experience the warm fellowship and spiritual renewal that is here.

Our mission is to be a "Caring Christian Community."  To me this means to have received and to share the compassion of Christ, to be committed to an ongoing relationship with Him, and to be a part of a group of fellow believers.

We take special interest in the spiritual life of our children and provide age appropriate classes at church for them along with programs and the opportunity for Christian education.

Come journey with us as we follow Christ!


Pastor Art Miller


Steve Darmody and Jennifer LaMountain

Our Pastor and wife with Bonnie and Lloyd Condon

Condon family gathered to help celebrate Lloyd and Bonnie's 50th wedding anniversary

   We have a wonderful Fellowship Lunch every week after church.  Please come and join us !  Now we have our tables and chairs!!  We are in the process of getting our flooring!!!  

Recent recordings:  Just click on fileneames below to listen.



site/1/media/071914 Ken G Sabbath School.mp3

site/1/media/Job 23-10.mp3

site/1/media/Ps 18 2-3.mp3



site/1/media/pastor john062114.mp3



site/1/media/artmiller053114 communion.mp3


Donna "studio" re-recorded the sermon given 5/17/14:
site/1/media/Donna Jones051714.mp3

Unfortunately, messed up Gary Brodis' sermon


site/1/media/dennis campbell042614.mp3

South Lancaster Academy Singers:
site/1/media/sla part 1.mp3
site/1/media/sla part 2.mp3


site/1/media/artmiller040614 Conflict Talk.mp3


site/1/media/art miller031514.mp3


site/1/media/Mark Harris 030114.mp3

This Sermon by Dennis is a masterpiece on Creation and faith.







site/1/media/susie landess010414.mp3


site/1/media/arthurmiller 120713.mp3



site/1/media/dennis campbell 112313.mp3

site/1/media/ken brummel 111613.mp3

site/1/media/art miller 1109+13.mp3

site/1/media/peter miller 110213.mp3

site/1/media/arthurmiller pain sermon102613.mp3

site/1/media/gary brodis 101913.mp3

site/1/media/Ken Gaspard101213.mp3

these next couple recordings are terrible: sorry. . .  
site/1/media/art miller 100513.mp3

site/1/media/chaplan bob mills 092113.mp3

site/1/media/Art Miller 091413.mp3

Missed Recording Communion 090713. Sorry.

site/1/media/Art Miller 083113.mp3

On Dennis Campbell's, it's silent for about the first 3 minutes--either fast forward or wait. . .
site/1/media/Dennis Campbell 082413.mp3

site/1/media/dennis harris 081713.mp3

site/1/media/Art miller 081013.mp3

site/1/media/Ken Gaspard 072713.mp3

site/1/media/larry farley 071313.mp3

site/1/media/dan harris 062913.mp3

site/1/media/sven 062213.mp3

site/1/media/paul miller 061513.mp3

site/1/media/Hamilton Ramos 060813.mp3

site/1/media/6.1.13 art miller comunion service.mp3

site/1/media/scott christrianson 5.18.13.mp3

OOOPS!! failed to record Denny Harris's most wonderful sermon of 4/27


site/1/media/art miller 4.13.13.mp3

site/1/media/peter miller 040613.mp3

site/1/media/Martin Toney 03-30-13.mp3

site/1/media/art miller 3.23.13.mp3


site/1/media/mark march03-9-13.mp3

site/1/media/mark trethaway sermon.mp3

site/1/media/dennis campbell 3.2.201.mp3

site/1/media/luriea smeads funeral.mp3

site/1/media/yolanda 021513.mp3

site/1/media/ken n diane gaspard 020213.mp3

site/1/media/Ken Brummel 01.19.13.mp3

site/1/media/ken gaspard 1.12.13.mp3

site/1/media/mike ortel 1.5.13.mp3

site/1/media/gary brodis 12..mp3

site/1/media/joe pimentel 121512.mp3

site/1/media/120812Tink Gale.mp3

site/1/media/art miller 12.1.12.mp3

site/1/media/sven rhodes 11.24.12.mp3

site/1/media/dan harris 11.17.12.mp3

site/1/media/Art miller11-3-12.mp3

site/1/media/DennisCampbell 10.20.12.mp3


Lanu's recent concert:
site/1/media/Lanu Stoddart.mp3

Sarah's concert: